Friday, June 19, 2020

The things

I am pretty sure that everyone here has been to a Wal-Mart at least once in their life, and at one point in time you might have needed something fun to do. Well, look no further! Here are some things you can waste time doing.

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1. Head over to electronics and set all the clocks volume the highest it can go. Then, set the alarms to go off every 5 minutes.

2. Tell an employee "I think we've got a Code Blue in hardware," and wait to see what they do.

3. Go up the electronic doors and play with them until an employee stops you.

4. Go to any department, and say “who buys this crap?” in an above-average voice.

5. Play football in the store.

6. Take a wet floor sign, put it on carpet and observe.

7. TP the store.

8. When a worker asks if you need help, demand that they leave you alone.

9. Head over to the hunting department and start messing with the guns. Ask the clerk where you can find anti-depressants.

10. Find a little kid, and give them money to buy condoms. Observe bystander’s expressions.

11. Play Marco Polo.

12. Hide in the clothing rack and say things as people walk by.

13. Walk slowly when people are behind you. For added fun, let them pass and catch up to them. Once you catch up, complain they are moving to slow.

14. Just before closing, take a nap in the hammock.

15. Grab an item that costs $2 and ask to put it on layaway.

16. Go back to the store the next day and pay off $0.04 of the $2.

17. Get boxes of condoms and put them into other people’s carts.

18. Open up a tent and start to set it up. See far you can get before being asked what you’re doing.
19. Before you go to the store, get a buddy and dress up as military guys. Then set up a battle field in the toy isle using toy soldiers.

20. Ask workers if they have any “Blah Smed”, or some other non sense product.

21. When they don’t have any of the products, demand to see the manager.

22. Demand to see the manager over a piece of dirt on the floor.

23. When people stop their carts and turn around, take stuff out.

24. Get the largest gym bag you can find, and try to get in it.

25. Have a race with shopping carts.

Thanks for reading, have a good day now.


  1. bunny hoping carts with a friend is also a good waste of time

  2. LOL do you know what would have been really funny? If this list had actually been written by someone with a sense of humour of their very own!

  3. I think these are hilarious. You should post them on and get more readers

  4. I hope any one who does any of this stuff gets the shit beaten out of them.

  5. We used to take those tags that sound off the alarm if you take them through the magnetic gate sensor at the door or whatever and put them on a whole bunch of shopping carts then eveyrones sh"t would be sounding off the alarm

  6. LOL! It sounds like something I would have done when I was younger. Come check out my blog too.

  7. They sell farting noise makers in the toys section. Grab one of those and walk around the rest of the store with it fairly hidden by your side and push a button every time you pass near someone. Some of the reactions you get are priceless! My friend and I did this for three hours one day. Of course, we purchased the fart maker afterwards. :-P

  8. Very juvenile. Just what people earning minimum wage need--malicious twerps making their lives harder.

  9. walmart hasnt had layaway in nearly 10 years tard

  10. this list is for the lamest sacks of crap on the planet. humour like this is for Christians

  11. Aw come on Ian. It ain't that bad.

  12. You should never say there is a code blue unless there actually is one. Code blue means there is a bomb in the building and that is not funny.

  13. If only we had Walmarts in England. Genius ideas.

  14. And you are the 1st world? por favor!!

  15. Wow, I had no idea being a total asshole to people who already probably hate their jobs was fun. man I need to keep updated on the trends I guess.

  16. I raced after my wife with a shopping cart once, grunting,playing a retard. That was fun!A few later we were shopping close to home. When my wife heard the now well known grunting sound behind her she turned around screeming "Shut up you idiot" only to find that she was confronting an actual retard. His company was not amused...
    Now I would like to know: Does this mean that I am actually retarded, or just that I am very, very bad?

  17. reminds me of this vid for some reason:

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  19. yiu forgot build a toilet paper fort I did that and we scared some lady when we started talking...

  20. My favorite trip to do whilst in the Supermarket is see how much stuff you can sneak into random peoples carts without them knowing.

  21. I hate people like you. I work at Wal-Mart in electronics and I have to deal with assholes like you every god damn day. Some of these will get associates in HUGE trouble for safety violations.

    And someone did number one to some of the watches in jewelry. It took me two weeks, but I finally found them all. Then someone turned them on again.

    Fuck you.

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